What Are You Doing Wrong When You Approach Women !

The majority of women you (cold) approach should be open to your initiative, this means that the girl you introduce yourself to is happy and willing to talk to you for at least one or two minutes. But I personally know a guy who gets about 1 out of 10 girls to open, and he makes the same apparent faux pas on every single approach he does.


If most women aren’t reacting well to you when they first meet you, it’s likely you have a flaw in you approach mindset and behavior. women provide you with some very obvious signs as to what error you’re making, we’re going examine closely what those signs are and how to fine-tune and calibrate yourself if your opens aren’t receiving the types of responses you desire.

You’re Playing it Too Safe



If girls ignore you, or worst don’t notice you until you’ve been speaking some sentences, or in any measure don’t pay total attention to you, you are being too cautious. Playing it safe is frequently a defense mechanism, by avoiding assertiveness it hurts less when you get ‘rejected’, since she never actually talked to you to begin with.


As soon as you’re playing it safe, women who do spot you will probably feel an immediate instinctual intolerance towards you. They will sense the same as if you’re trying to get something from them, like you’re a bum on the road begging for “Change?” Basically, you’re apologizing for the fact that your talked to her, and paradoxically, this excessively nice attitude will make her feel like she must indeed not be interested in talking to you. When you move toward her too safely, you’re concentrating on not getting rejected, rather than meeting on her.


Weakness is obvious in both your voice and your body language. If went to a club, women every so often don’t notice you, it has little to do with the music being too loud or the venue being too frantic. I often used to hide behind this excuse myself, but I’ve discovered that even in the flashiest nightclubs, if I am decisive enough in my approach, the women will notice me every time. To fight any tendency in the direction of playing it safe, examine with this tip, just for one night out. start conversations twice as loud as your gut instincts convey to you. Notice in this case if the women seem offended by how vulgar you are? or is it the opposite and they simply pay you more attention? It’s mush more likely that you will notice that talking at twice the loudness you want to, isn’t very loud at all.


As long as you’re playing it too safe, your body language will be diminutive and closed. You can fight this by going to a club’s dance floor during your night’s out. Don’t dance with the same half-assed heard comprised of most club members, but rather dance with the heart of the party. Dance as ludicrously as you possibly can, completely let loose. Doing this relaxes you, and gets you at ease in your own body, and later you will find your body language is naturally more assertive.


This might appear counterintuitive, but I’ve deliberately focused on loosening up this way for years at clubs. And one of the compliments I get a frequently, is that my body language is great (which is a slightly odd thing to hear), my body language is fine since I’ve gotten comfortable in my own skin in social settings by allowing myself to relax on the dance floor routinely. The third technique for fighting playing it safe is the oddest, but it’s also very effective. It’s named Osho’s dynamic meditation, and it necessitates of you to get relaxed by means of using both your voice in an overstated, and assertive way.


And remember, if you play it safe with your approaches, this has to be eliminated instantly, because if you’re too submissive you are enormously restricting your results, if you play it safe girls will talk to you out of pity, that’s if they did talk the first place.

You Are Being Too Aggressive



An excessively forceful approach will get a woman’s attention for sure, but additionally it’s going to cause her a lot of discomfort. A very aggressive approach is even worst during the day considering the fact that you’re opening places a lot of pressure on a girl, and an aggressive approach can simply make her very anxious.


A man who forcefully approaches a woman will usually take up too much space and invade her personal space, his voice will be very loud, sometimes even invasively so, but the aggressiveness is typically expressed on a physical level and in your general demeanor. The simplest way to observe if your approaches are overly aggressive is by watching a woman’s general body language. If you’re excessively aggressive girls will pull back away from you (in some cases subtly), and they may even literally take a step back.

It can be hard to perceive that your approaches are too hostile because aggressiveness works on your favor a reasonable amount of the time. It’s easy to ponder that when your approaches go badly it has nothing to do with you, and that it’s some issue about the girl (she is engaged, for instance).


If the vast majority of women aren’t initially responding to you in a positive manner, then you’re doing something erroneous. And in case you’re not playing it too safe, you’re most likely being too aggressive. Even though boldness can be sexually attractive, it can be threatening, if a woman doesn’t trust you enough, then the aggressiveness can make her distressed.

This doesn’t mean you must remove boldness and physicality in your approaches, because for girls who are open to it, it can be a very efficient, straight to the point strategy. An excessively aggressive approach is practically going to be man-to-woman, your intentions are being communicated very strongly. In order to make this work without fail, you should develop your ability to read hidden signs of discomfort. Every time a woman steps back slightly from you or deflects your gaze anxiously after you’ve approached her, you should to calibrate your open and take a step back too.


And I mean that in the literal sense, in your mind make a note to take a step back from any girl who gets a bit anxious after you opened her, make this a routine. Doing this displays to her that you’re socially calibrated and that you respect her limits. This indication of social intelligence is especially attractive, and oftentimes, taking two steps back, but then taking a step forward will build strong sexual tension.

Every time a woman gets uncomfortable with your approach, you can possibly say to her: “I’m Sorry if I came on too strong, I’m just too outgoing from time to time.” She’ll be grateful for that you were considerate enough to recognize her feelings, and she will feel flattered and more relaxed around you afterwards. boldness is sexually attractive because it is an expression of raw masculinity and sexual intent, nevertheless, it’s imperative to comprehend how women feel, to show some compassion, and be adequately aware to take a step back in reaction to her discomfort.


If You Still Have a Hard Time Figuring out the formula of attraction and understanding women , this book will help massively :

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