The Gender Brain Wars , And Why Women Need More Sex Than Men

When you observe most of the reasons for marriages falling apart, two of the main ones are “absence of communication” and “disparities in libido levels”.
There is also a frequent misconception that men need sex more than women.
This is totally false and I’ll clarify the science behind why in this article.
And regarding “absence of communication”, it’s not that there isn’t sufficient communication, but rather it’s that men and women don’t comprehend how each of their brains operate.
I’m going to clarify the neuroscience to make you understand how your brain functions, how the other sex’s brain works, and how to use this knowledge to improve your dating life.

The Male Vs. Female Brain

One of the most amazing things concerning our brain is that the left and right sides of our brain function very differently.


The left side of our brain is systematic, action-oriented, tactical, mathematical, linear. It is commonly referred to as the “male” brain.
surely, I’m not saying that women cannot be strategic and mathematical, but these qualities tend in general to be more male in nature.
the neurotransmitter (chemical messengers) “dopamine” is located in the left brain. Dopamine is what motivates you.
Can you recall that feeling when you checked off all items on your to do list? Or when someone likes your post on Facebook? That’s dopamine live and in action.

In other words, when you behave in a certain way that raises your dopamine levels, you are more prone to behave in the same way again to get the same dopamine dose, and the flood of good feelings in the brain.
When you are highly motivated, you can stay concentrated, passionate, and motivated to accomplish tasks.
What’s great about Dopamine, is you can increase your own levels of Dopamine.


Let’ move now to the right brain, things will get a little bit more fascinating.
The right brain is characterized by being sensual, imaginative, passionate.
This inclines to be more of what we name the “female” brain, and again, men can be passionate and sensual, but these are generally more feminine traits.
This is where serotonin exists, the hormone that’s associated with happiness.
Serotonin is also a neurotransmitter, but the main difference here is that you cannot increase your own levels of serotonin.
Serotonin is elevated by external stimuli. It is increased by positive feedback from our loved ones, and our close environment.



This is imperative to comprehend because Serotonin levels increase Dopamine levels

So, the more encouraging feedback we get from our external environment as a result of appreciation, the more motivated we are to continue performing the activity that produced the appreciation.
So, when you receive positive feedback from your relationship partner, that will increase your levels of serotonin, and in turn, that will uplift your levels of dopamine.

Now Here’s The Amazing Part…

Although females have a tendency to be more right-brained in nature, men possess 50% more serotonin receptors than women do!

Women therefor require twice as much love and affection to obtain the same levels of happiness as men. They necessitate twice as much positive reinforcement from their external environment than men do so as to stimulate the same amount of motivation in dopamine activity levels.
When a woman doesn’t get any positive reinforcement from her surroundings, her serotonin and dopamine levels will plummet




The reason we are talking about all of this, is that you can’t actually have a talk about a great relationship without talking about sex.
So, you can observe here what occurs when somebody’s engaging in regular sexual activity.

Brain without regular sex
Brain with regular sex


This is both the left and right side, so imagination and logic and reasoning and all these things light up, and you’re able to acquire more energy, more efficiency once you are having a regular sex life.

what can we call a regular sex life?

A lot of scientific research data suggests two to three times a week minimum.
Therefore, in the context of males and females, who wants the sex more?

Women necessitate positive feedback from their partner so that they increase those serotonergic pathways in the brain, and consequently raise their dopamine levels.

If a woman feels reassured and loved , she is going to pursuit that sex like the animal that she is , since she wants to get that serotonergic fix in her brain, and she’s going to be inspired to be the best partner.

Conclusion : Bringing Venus and Mars closer


So yes, it is scientifically proven that women do really love sex and think about it constantly.

But they’ll never tell you this, as a consequence of all the constant slut-shaming going on in our society.

Men do not moan and screams during sex, except sometimes at the end, when he climaxes.

Women on the other hand, get pleasure from the whole process, not merely the orgasm, as long as that their partner is good and knows what he’s doing.


If you want to know even more about the hidden secrets of the female mind , we highly recommend this book :

One of the best books I’ve read on the difference between men and women.
Not only describes what goes on in a female’s brain but also in the male brain from conception thru death.

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