How To Look Like A Badboy & Get What You Want !

Most guys make a huge mistake when it comes to fashion, they don’t have a unique identity in mind that they want to project.

Most of them just grab random pieces of clothing off the closet that they think look decent and put them together.

It can be compared to trying to build a house without any blueprint. Without an organized plan showing what you want the end product to present and look like, you’re just pinning boards together aimlessly.

You absolutely need to have a unique look, not just wear clothes.

When I say to “have a look” what I mean exactly is that people dress in diverse ways based on what identity they want to represent.

Rock stars put on different style of clothes than successful businessmen for example, Athletes dress entirely in another way. Whereas each of these fashion styles can look great if pulled off right, they all look good in their own different way.

This is the reason why you can’t just grab arbitrary clothes off the closet’s shelf and put them on. They need to be part of a matching style.

Therefor the first thing a guy needs to do when thinking about designing an outfit is to choose WHAT identity he wants to depict.



There are particular preliminaries which needs to happen before a man can look good.

Any man who have these preliminaries will look great in pretty much anything. Lacking them he won’t look good regardless of what he wears.

This is for the reason that most of what people in general perceive as a “good outfit” has little to do with the fact that the clothes are attractive or not, and has everything to do with whether the person wearing the clothes is actually attractive.

The primary thing you have to do before optimizing your Style is to optimize your Preliminaries. These preliminary traits are as follows:

  • Low body fat
  • Good muscle mass
  • Good Hygiene and grooming
  • Well fitting outifits

when you get to reasonably low body fat levels (around 10%), have good muscle mass, keep your hygiene in check and be well groomed, and your clothes fit you well, you’ll then be able to look good in pretty nearly everything.

While if you’re out of shape, look dirty and messy, and your clothes don’t fit, you will not look good regardless of what you wear. And For the majority of men, getting rid of body fat will make the largest difference in their perceived attractiveness.

How to Dress Like a “Bad Boy”

The classic bad boy look is comprised of 3 major elements.

  1. A Leather Jacket

  2. A Plain T-Shirt

  3. Jeans

while the rest of the outfit can be interchanged, except these three pieces that are non-negotiable.

1- The Leather Jacket

The most important piece of your wardrobe is the “showpiece”. In order to achieve the Bad Boy look the showpiece is a must-have classic leather jacket. But not just any leather jacket will do the part. you want Precisely a well-fitting motorcycle jacket and preferably black.

No other article of apparel has proved itself so lastingly in pop culture to the same extent as an icon of coolness as the leather jacket. Since it was originally made an appearance in the 20’s of the twentieth century, it has been an essential piece of the bad boy wardrobe. It remained in fashion across the ‘30s and ‘40s. Achieved the culturally iconic status because of the movies of the ‘50s and ‘60s. And until today remain as cool as always.



2- Shirts

Let’s talk shirts, a simple monochromatic t-shirt is all you’ll ever need for the bad boy style. And while just wearing a plain t-shirt may seem dull, in my own view, the shirt is the piece which determines the sexiness of the whole outfit. The outfit becomes even sexier when you show off some more skin (of course within reason).

And that’s the reason why I personally recommend scoop necks, v necks, slit necks, or tank tops. But no crew necks please.


3- Jeans

The bad boy look requires denim jeans. Corduroy pants don’t work. Khakis won’t do it. JEANS.

Most men wear jeans which are too big for them. Baggy jeans look terrible. Slim is the word. Not “skinny”, but slim. Take a look at the jeans below and notice how well they fit. They are fitted but not tight, slim but not skinny. You want a sleek visual outline.

While there are exceptions, in keeping with the traditional monochromatic tone of the bad boy style, the jeans should either be blue, grey, or black.

jeans bad 1jeans bad 2jeans bad 3jeans bad 4

4- Boots

Along with a leather jacket, the stereotypical image of a bad boy includes a motorcycle. Because of this association with motorcycles, motorcycle apparel is a traditional part of the bad boy look.

A couple words about choosing the right shoes. It’s been said that shoes can make or break an outfit. I happen to agree with that statement.

Take the finest suit in the world and put it on a man with a bad haircut and it will still look pretty good. Pair a cool blazer with a cheap shirt and the outfit will still look hip. But you will RUIN an entire outfit with a scuffed up pair of cheap looking shoes.

I don’t care what the outfit is, or how expensive it is. If the shoes are bad, it will make the outfit look bad. Don’t skimp on shoes. Find the right pair and take care of them. Do this and they’ll make you look good for years to come.

boots bad 1boots bad 2boots bad 3boots bad 4

5- Sunglasses

There are two styles of sunglasses which every bad boy needs. They are both made by Ray-Ban.


Aviators first made an appearance in 1936. They were originally designed to replace flight goggles for military pilots, and their design reflects this history. The large convex lenses are designed to cover the entire range of vision and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle.

When picking out a pair of aviators it’s tempting to go for the solid black tint. They look cool sitting on the shelf, but when they’re on a person they tend to make that person look like a giant insect. Because of this I prefer lighter grey lenses like the photo above.

glass bad 1glass bad 2


Very stylish and highly versatile, Wayfarer style sunglasses were originally developed for the military and were later released by Ray-Ban in 1956.

These iconic glasses have since become the most popular sunglass design ever created and have been worn by everyone from Tom Cruise in Risky Business to JFK.

glass bad 3glass bad 4

6- Accessories & jewelry

While jewelry isn’t necessarily a part of the bad boy look, some cool accessories can help sex up and personalize your outfit.

Reds, dark blues, earthy colors, and leather are you best bet for accessories. Silver is also a good option, but stay away from gold.

acc bad 1acc bad 2acc bad 4acc bad 3

7- Facial Hair

So call “Designer Stubble” is a short growth of beard (normally between three days and two weeks worth) which will add a touch of rugged masculinity to your appearance.

Studies have shown that women find a few days worth of stubble to be the sexiest of all facial hair styles, and the bad boy style is the perfect look to pull it off with.

A couple tips on wearing stubble :

Firstly, stubble only looks good on guys who already have low body fat. Having stubble when your face is lean makes you look more masculine, but having stubble when you’re fat just makes you look like a slob. Spend some time getting lean before you decide to wear stubble.

If your facial hair is a bit patchy you have two options. The first is to use an eyebrow pencil to shade in the patchy are. Don’t go crazy with this or it will look comical and fake, but if you’ve got a small patch that isn’t as filled in as the rest of your face, this is a good option.

Your second option is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine. You can buy Minoxidil solutions online at a fairly inexpensive price. Just take a Q-tip that’s been wetted with Minoxidil and rub it on the area you want to fill out. This isn’t guaranteed to work, but there are examples of men using Minoxidil to fill out their beards.



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