How To Make Her Want You … Badly !

When the right moment comes and it’s time to make a move and get things to the physical level, attention is your best ally and foe all at once.

You’ll Learn in this post how to properly seduce a woman and a straightforward way that makes her desire you badly, too.

The Leap Of Faith



When you are attracted to a woman, it’s very likely that you’re familiar with the feeling that emerges more and more when you’re getting to know each other and impels you to get things to the physical level.

“is it better if i touch her slightly?”

“must I invite her over to my home and hide my interest?”

“Should I suddenly kiss her and then see how she reacts?”

When it’s time to get things to the physical level with a woman, the majority of men are enticed, but doubtful. Either be it about the initial kiss or even first sex.

This instinct is well justified.

In case you overwhelm a woman by being too pushy, she will draw away from you.

A lot of men have made that experience already and learned their lesson from it. And now they observe her for signs, which aid them to recognize if a woman is prepared to be seduced, and rather proceed too cautiously than too fast. But unluckily, the slow move is just even worse than the fast one.

I would like to give you a unique type of insight now, which you may want to save in your memory for your next move…

The Secret “Pill” For Women


Attention is an addictive drug to every woman.

They absolutely crave attention as it gives them approval and a sense of self-esteem. In the same way you might like to give attention to a girl as it provides you with approval when she speaks to you.

Approval gives us a good feeling. It shows us that we are needed.

Therefore, a lot of men today hold the belief of: “it works great and it appears that she enjoys the attention, then I will give her even more of it”.

In many times it continues in a manner that men either declare their feelings to women or get to intense on physical touch, with the consequence of the woman drawing away.

Heck, I ‘am guilty of doing both mistakes for many years…

But why does it occur in case women really loves to get attention?

In simple words Attention is not equivalent to attraction.

Attraction is a powerful sensation which drives us to desire something….at any cost.

I like to compare attraction to candle and attention to wind. If you slightly add a light breeze to the flame of a candle, it will glare. But add it in excess or too little of it and the candle will be blown out or not even ignite.

If you aspire to seduce a woman you always need to remember that in the end it is her decision. She must develop a thought that communicates to her “I want this! I will let it occur”

On one hand, If you give too much by confessing to her how you feel about her or devoting too much attention, you extinguish the fire and she will feel zero attraction to you. She will decide to let you down.

If you provide too little of it on the other hand, she won’t envision you and her together in her own mind, and she will sense no desire to go for it.

Here’s something you should always keep in your mind…

We Want Thing That We Can’t Have.

Unhappy Depressed Woman

It’s human unique character to desire the things we can’t have. It triggers a craving in us and turns it into something exceptional. As long as we can’t have it, but observe it in sight, we want it badly.

Imagine a gorgeous woman gives you attention, but every time when it’s all set to take the situation to the next stage, she draws back.

Nevertheless, she comes back to you over and over again, so your brain always conveys to you the image of you and her together. You ponder about it and make scenarios in your head which feel so realistic, and which are even amplified by her challenging you.

You desire her even more.

If you wonder how to seduce women you will want to save that particular process in mind as it’s hardwired in both genders. The things we don’t possess or can’t have, we desire. And if we can imagine them vividly and literally feel what it would be like, we want them even more.


What does this all have to do with you?

If you want to be a great seducer, always keep the following in mind:

Give women attention initially, so that her brain sketches out an image of you and her together which is so vivid that she can almost experience what it would be like. And then fall back and withdraw the attention you gave her in the first place. Let her crave and appreciate it, because in the end “having something destroys the wanting of it.

She must want it and when she does, she will make things easier for you.


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