The Best Place To Meet Women If You’re Busy

You’re a busy man. You have a life – you have a job, you have friends, you have family to visit, you go to the gym and train hard, and sometimes you like to just kick back and relax in front of the TV with a cold beer. I get that.

But where in this busy life do women fit in?

I’ve been asked this question constantly over the years: Where do I meet women if I don’t have the time?

Let me begin by addressing something right off the bat: speaking to women is not a monumental task.

It is not a mammoth activity that requires planning, careful coordination,strategic equipment, a month’s food supply and camoflage face paint.

Let’s take a shot out in the dark here and assume that ideally, you would like to have the ability to meet your dream girl whenever you want to.

That is to say, that the moment you feel lonely and want some female company you would have but to put on your shoes (or sandals if you’re a hippie), walk out the front door and the rest is history.

My GOD what a life that would be!

It doesn’t have to be a dream, nor a fantasy. It’s a very real, very tangible goal. However, it requires discipline on your part. You see,speaking to women does not require much time, like I said, but it does however require discipline. What discipline? The discipline to fearlessly go after what you want!

What man is a man who does not have the courage to cross the street to speak to that beautiful woman?

See that’s the reason there are a lot of these “But where do I meet women if I don’t have time?” questions. It’s the same story you hear from overweight people who claim they do not have time to exercise. How bad do you want it? Make time!

Women are everywhere! There is no one place all men flock to when they are on the clock and where women are abundant. There is no Wal-Mart of women.  Women are abundant and are everywhere! Literally everywhere! There are beautiful women around every street corner! Your issue has never been a lack of time, nor scarcity, your issue is your own fear of taking action!

So I’ll leave you with this: Speaking to beautiful women could and should be a lifestyle, a daily activity, not a special event. It takes all of 4 seconds to stop and say hi to that cutie on your way to work. It takes all of 4 seconds to smile and wink at the girl serving you coffee. It takes all of 4 seconds to exclaim “My god you are lovely!” to the receptionist at your building.

Speaking to a beautiful woman is not a scary thing – it’s a mini vacation from the tedium of daily routine. It is refreshing, invigorating and inspiring.

You should never leave your house with the express purpose of talking to women. Only losers do that. Instead, leave your house on a mission – on an adventure, a passion, a goal, a dream. Live your daily life to the fullest and trust that the universe will give you the opportunities you seek. When they are there though, don’t second guess, don’t doubt, don’t overthink – just go!

If you speak to one beautiful woman a day from now on, that’s 365 new women you’ll be meeting per year. After that you’ll have the difficult task of managing all those dates.

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