How To Get The Sexiest Girls On Tinder And Online Dating Sites

This is how I automated Tinder and achieved absurd success – with only 3 messages. This is about the craziest Tinder stories. This is Tinder on God mode.

Professional sports teams use go-to plays in pressure situations, because they know they work.

Billion dollar companies follow detailed business plans to make enormous profits, because they know they work.

So it’s no surprise to find out that most of the super-successful guys on Tinder use routines, because they know they work…


The Routine: What’s Your Craziest Tinder Story

I recently had some interesting conversations with girls on Tinder about their craziest Tinder story. It was a great topic so I decided to turn it into a routine.

How I Did This

To start I sent out this Tinder moment:

Screenshot of Tinder story moment

Only a few girls initiated the conversation by telling me their own crazy Tinder story.

But there were a lot of girls who Liked the moment.

I could see the list of every girl who liked it by going into the Tinder moments screen:



What this meant is that I had created something valuable. I had created a list of girls who were basically telling me exactly what I should say to them.

They were giving me an invitation:

“I want to talk about crazy Tinder stories with you, come and chat with me!”

All I had to do was go down the list of girls one-by-one then copy and paste an opener to get the conversation started.

Here’s the opener I sent to each girl:



Bulk sent:

Tinder opener-bulk message

The Results

When the girls replied to my opener I’d continue the rest of the routine….

And here we go!

Picture of the crazy Tinder story routine

Picture of the crazy Tinder story routine



Can you believe how easy it is?

This really is Tinder on God mode….






Tinder Routines Continued…

There are no limits to the types of routines that you can create on Tinder.

Here are a couple more from the clever crew at  r/tinder which are testament to the power of Tinder routines.

Pancakes or Waffles?

Source: r/tinder

Picture of Tinder routine -pancakes or waffles

Tinder Games: Connect 4

Source: r/tinder



It’s not a bullet proof method of succeeding on Tinder, and it may be considered a little gray hat, but it’s clear that a great Tinder routine is an incredibly powerful tool… so much so that Tinder can become easy and boring.

Routines are why a lot of guys are absolutely cleaning-up on Tinder in no time at all.


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