How To Get Her To Send You Nudes

If your goal was to get nudes (let’s suppose the woman you meet online is far away and you want to take things fun and sexual) then there’s also a few tricks you need to know here as well. The key ingredient is to remember that you must always maintain a balance between giving her value, and disqualifying her efforts. If you believe a woman for one second when she sends you a picture and says that “It’s not her favorite,” or “She doesn’t like that one,” then you, sir, are crazy.

Women will never send a pic they don’t like. So what you need to get from this is that they put effort into sending pics, and you have to constantly balance out a combination of giving her value, and boosting her confidence but also not to the point where you are desperate. This is where disqualification comes into play.

It really is a finely tuned art, but you will get it down after time. Disqualify her pictures by saying,“Wow, that one almost turned me on.” Never disqualify her in the picture by saying her boobs looked saggy, or you thought she was skinnier. This is the wrong way to disqualify and will get you shut down immediately. Instead make her more confident about her insecurities. Say something like, “I love the confidence you have when you take your photos, it’s very sexy”.

Lastly, pose a challenge. This is probably my favorite thing to do with women. Women love challenges, and they also love knowing that they are sexy enough to arouse a man. By disqualifying her and saying something like, “That photo almost made me hard just now” you are posing a challenge for her to send another one. Remember, the key here is to make her feel beautiful and confident and proud of her body, without coming off as a desperate horny dude.

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