How To make The Conversation Sexual


having a conversation itself is fairly simple right? I mean yeah, sometimes we fall into ‘interview mode’…Or the conversation just stalls out…

But generally speaking, holding a conversation is not too daunting a task.

Beginning and holding an arousing conversation on the other hand… Something quite different for most guys.

Attraction Vs Arousal

Not to beat a dead horse but – attraction is dead. In the context of seduction it doesn’t mean a lot ; At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you make her feel.

Yes! To be considered interesting, attractive or arousing to a woman all depends on how you make her feel! Feelings guys, not logic!

But what do most guys do? They derp around in neutral, boring, asexual conversation land.

“So uhmmm where do you work? Ah cool! And what do you do there? Nice, do you like it? Ah great great”

Seriously, what the fuck is this shit?

Keys to Arousing, seductive conversation

I saw a video a few years back of Russell Brand talking about how to seduce women.

It was a 5 minute spoof video but it was actually quite spot on when it comes to this topic. If I remember correctly, he literally outright asks “Tell me Michelle, what is the most exciting thing you’ve done in recently?


Look, you can’t be afraid to push the envelope a little bit when making conversation.

If you want arousing conversation, you need to lean just a little bit beyond your edge – yes, even if you barely know her.

You should also understand that this is about her – not you.

In other words, if you want to make her feel something, you need to learn to shut up, stop interrupting her stories with your own, stop with the ‘uhm’ ‘cool!’ ‘ya’ and just listen.

Oh, and slow things down too. Talk slowwww. Build… An almost… Hypnotic rhythm… to your speech.

I like to say outrageous things to her from the get go – not as a tactic but because it’s just who I am.

I enjoy being outrageous. I like being kinda crazy. And damn it girl, if you’re with me, we’re gonna be damn sexy together – I’ll have it no other way.

Putting it all together

Simple; start by asking about what she loves.

Or even better “What’s your story

And then SHUT. UP.

Let her talk, listen carefully and go with whatever comes to mind.

I like to ask her what the most adventurous thing she’s ever done is. I turn up the heat from there…
You can ask a whole range of questions from “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” To “Where do you like to be touched?


Practically, what this looks like is shuffling between saying outrageous things like “Stop looking at me like that or I’m gonna put a baby in you” to “oh wow, it’s so cool that you care for your little sister so much, that’s very respectable”.

Basically, it shows that you are a real person. Someone who likes to have fun, doesn’t take the world too seriously, and enjoys getting to know who she really is with no filter, no bullshit check-list of questions to ask, and no lame boring asexual conversation.

THAT my friend, is how you stand out.

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