How To Be The Charismatic Man That Everyone Loves

Have you ever looked at George Clooney in the Nespresso commercial?

Damn, that man is magnetic!

Every time I look at one of his commercials I get a little bit jealous. I am very confident that I have way more charisma than the regular guy, but next to George Clooney I have the charismatic presence of an Ant.

compared to this guy, the majority of the human population feels like Sisyphus (Greek mythology) who was punished by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top.

You simply can’t win, but the cause for that has little to do with George’s innate ability to be a charismatic man.

He wasn’t born one of the most charismatic people on earth. He was made, George is an actor who practiced the art of acting for a long time.

As a result of the fact that I once took acting classes I can tell you that looking charismatic is something that actors practice repeatedly.

Of course, being charismatic is something that can be learned and just like Clooney had learned how to become a charming actor, you can too learn how to transform into a charismatic seducer.

Not only that but you also don’t have to endure endless hours of acting classes to get to a level that allows you to seduce women naturally with your charm.

The only thing you need to do is to follow a small number of easy steps that improve the way you impact the women you’ll interact with.

The Underlying Principle of Charisma


However, and before I show you precisely what you have to do in order to develop more charisma than your contestants, I want you to comprehend the fundamental principle of charisma.

I want you to understand what it really is and what it’s actually not.

At the moment When nearly everyone people the word charisma they associate it with about some innate Godly gift that only the extraordinary among us can have.

They visualize a man, usually in a black suit and in front of a Lamborghini who has something that all the other men don’t possess.

Typically, this guy is an unbelievably rich handsome man with big muscles to kill with and a face to die for.

But in reality is that all what charisma about?

Charisma has little relation to how good-looking you are, or how much cash you have. Those two components are irrelevant.

The best charismatic man I’ve ever encountered was a short guy with a dad bod who taught me how to talk to the beautiful women in Japan without disrespecting their dating values.

The only reason why you notice more handsome charismatic men than bad-looking charismatic men is because the ugly men are terrified to do one thing.

The have a fear of owning the room.

The Step-By-Step Guide to More Charisma

That’s fundamentally what genuine charisma is all about. It’s about owning the aptitude to step into a room and to compel the women in this room to turn their heads.

This necessitates a few particular skills that you are going to learn here.

Walk And Act like You’re a Winner


We can walk together to a big busy street and point at different guys. I am absolutely sure that I can tell you if one of the them feels like a loser or like a winner.

I only have to take look at the way they walk. That’s really all the information I need.

On one hand , a man who believe he is a winner walks with large steps. He doesn’t hang back, but he walks in a peaceful and relaxed way. He don’t need to hurry and he marches with his head held high.

On the other hand , A man who believe he is a loser walks with small steps. You can observe that he is in a hurry. All he really wants is to seem busy, so that nobody troubles him. He walks with a lowered head.

It’s not hard to figure out which of those two walking styles allows you to own the space.

Smile As If You Have Bill gates’s Money


One facet that expresses how charismatic you appear to other people is your outlook towards the world. In other words, an optimistic person appears 10 times more charismatic than a person who is very pessimistic.

One of the things that makes George Clooney extremely charismatic is his brilliant smile. He has a smile that makes a woman’s heart melt.

With the correct mindset and a positive attitude, you can also have a fascinating smile.

simply smile like you won the lottery and people will in fact believe that you won the lottery.

A man who smiles as if the world is a delightful place sends out such a positive vibe, that the women in his company want to be a part of his wonderful world.

Live at the Present Moment


For all of you who are smartphone addicts I have some bad news: You cannot truly own the room without being aware of what’s happening in the room. You can’t envisage to attract women with your vibe when you are not even able to be present in the moment.

The only thing that causes you to lose the most charisma points is your incapability to embrace the present moment.

I am sure that you have difficulties with that. But Everyone has, particularly when you don’t have the routine of practicing meditation or yoga.

Because of our over-connected world, we became more disconnected with our inner selves and the people in our surroundings.

Unfortunately, this mental state won’t let you to appear charismatic. With the purpose of being more charismatic, it’s absolutely required to be in the present moment and nowhere else.

As soon as you are able to do that, women will spontaneously set their eyes on you. You will be one of the rare guys who are actually capable of embracing the present moment.

Control Your Emotional State


another very crucial aspect of being charismatic is your ability to excerpt control on your emotional state.

I previously told you that smiling, acting like a winner and welcoming the present moment are all vital skills of a charismatic man. Although that is true, you cannot do any of those things lacking the ability to control your emotions.

let’s be honest with each other. Life is not always full of shining rainbows. You will have bad days in your life. That’s unavoidable. Though, just because your cat pooped on your shoes doesn’t mean that your charisma has to go down the sewers.

You can still be charismatic, even when you just want to hide in your room and wait until the week is over. But you can only do this when you keep your emotional state in check.

All it takes to achieve a level where you are able to rule your emotional state is thoughtful practice.

Every time you feel down you can analyze your present emotion and think about what you have to do in order to feel well. No matter if it’s thinking about your last trip to Thailand, remembering your last sex session or merely smiling…just do it.

The more you practice it, the simpler it will become for you to control your emotional state and to be charming in every imaginable situation.

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