How To Be A Bad Boy , And Make Her Obsesses With You !

If you you went right now and google “How to be a bad boy” and I am 100% sure in ALL of the articles you will read there will be some examples of a guy in a movie and how he acts, usually James Bond or Christian Grey.

And they go on and on with these lists of characteristics that Bad boys have and nice guys don’t. Now these characteristics are good to have on the surface level, they just over complicated the whole thing.

Look, being dominant, indifferent, entitled, exciting, free, selfish, a leader, masculine, mysterious, unpredictable, a tease with a sparkle of menace vibe are all on paper pretty impressive characteristics to have.

But, you can not convey this to people, and that is where everyone went wrong.

It is not the things that you do that makes the girl think you are all these; it is the things that you do not.

It is your inaction that makes her fantasies about you being that bad boy with all these characteristics.  

Ask any of your hot female friends about the guys in their life, let her tell you about that guy that is so X and Y, and he is driving her crazy. She will list all the above qualities and tell you he is all that.

If you got the chance to meet him, try to get to know him a bit, and you will discover  90% of the time that he is just a lazy douchebag. Really… 

Look, a guy treating her badly or being so much of a jerk is not because of individual actions he does, it is because of the things that he does not do.

Regardless of all the great things she does for him, he rarely ever do something nice. And that is the secret, just be nice whenever she starts to take away her attention from you.  Do not do nice things until she had enough of your “assholeness” and at that moment do something nice to her and go back to beings an ass.

Repeat this cycle over and over again, and you can get a girl to be attached to you for eternity!

Now is that manipulation? 

Sweet baby Jesus it is!

Does it work? 


But that is it, whenever you hear a girl talking about a guy being all this bad boy and being mysterious, etc. that is what is most likely to be the case.

Take the following as a golden rule

You will never be as attractive as the fantasy of you. 

So when you be nice, predictable and very honest, you will destroy that fantasy of you in her head, there will be nothing for her to wonder about.

It will be hard at first because we are all raised to court girls and be obsessively nice to them and so on, but with time you will see that sleeping with girls and being an attractive guy comes from what you are and not how much effort and investment you put into the girl.

That was the lesson for today , less is better.

So if you want to have a great look into The dark side of seduction , check out this badass


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