What to Do When She Says “I Have A boyfriend” And How To Turn It Around

Since the question of how to respond to the ubiquitous “I have a boyfriend” female shit test comes up a lot , I’ve decided to put together what I think are the best answers a man can give in return. These answers were gleaned from commenters, from pickup forums, and from my own posts on the subject.

  • I don’t care.

One of my favorites. Best used on ultra feminine girls who yearn to submit to a very psychologically dominant man.

  • That’s OK, I’m not the jealous type.

Replies to “I Have A Boyfriend / IHAB” fall into two major categories — qualifying and disqualifying. A disqualifying reply is one where you shame the girl for even bringing the subject up, since she has no chance with you anyhow. A disqualifier is ideally used on superflirts and other varieties of cockteasers, because it fucks with their expectations.

A qualifying reply is one where you brush off the boyfriend objection, but do so in a humorous way that implies she has met your conditions for being bang-worthy and that you would sleep with her given the chance. The line above is an example of a qualifying reply — you would have sex with her and she needn’t worry that you would judge her for that. A qualifier is ideally used on girls who are attracted to you and want to sleep with you, but either have a boyfriend for real they want to step out on, or don’t have a boyfriend but say so anyhow because they are feeling slutty or anxious that sex might actually happen. Sometimes girls just blurt “I Have A Boyfriend”s without even thinking, like they often do with any kind of shit test.

Note: If the girl drops an “I Have A Boyfriend” from the moment you start talking to her, it is likely she is rejecting you. “I Have A Boyfriend” is very context and time dependent; don’t bother with any of these lines if she hits you with an IHAB soon after you introduce yourself. These “I Have A Boyfriend” killers are meant for girls who are receptive to your gaming or are otherwise actively flirting with you.

  • Girl: “I have a boyfriend…..”

    Man: “Wow….amazing…seriously, that’s amazing!

    Girl: “What? That I have a boyfriend?”

    Man: “No, that I’ve barely known you for 5 minutes and you’re already telling me your problems.

    Girl: “lmao!”


The above line is a type of disqualifier; one I would happily use on attention whores who love men bowing and scraping before their almighty bloated egos.

  • Whoa, not so fast. We’re just talking here, ok? Don’t get the wrong idea.

Another strong disqualifier. Flips the script. This is the line I should have used on Superflirt when she hit me with her repeated IHABs.
  • You really thought I was hitting on you?

An even stronger disqualifier. The hotter the chick, the stronger her expectation that you are trying to bed her. Very powerful disqualifiers will often scare away or piss off lesser girls, but the hot babes lap it up like hungry kittens. Use with caution.
  • “No worries. You’re not my type.”

Tamer version of above. Opens the door for further conversation.

  • So does my girlfriend.”

Short, sweet and funny. Categorized as a qualifying reply — you’re not dismissing her as a sex prospect. Hints at preselection. Use on girls who want to sleep with you already but have to rationalize their way to it. Don’t use on drunk girls; it’ll take them too long to get it. I tried this on Superflirt and she just tilted her head and stared blankly at me for a few seconds. Don’t use on evangelical church girls, either; they might take it at face value.

  • Girl: “I have a boyfriend.”

    Man: “Hey, my dog can juggle.

    Girl: “What?”

    Man: “I’m sorry, I thought we were talking about shit that didn’t matter.

If you want more practical tactics on how to deal with girls , you will find plenty of good advice here :

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