Signs She’s Not intereset and she’s Only wasting your time

If she likes you, she’ll make it fucking obvious.Understand this: all else follows on from it.

There is no fucking grey area. I repeat: There. Is. No. Fucking. Grey. Area.

Tough love, brother. Tough love. If when you try to talk to her she’s evasive and seems keen to get away, she’s not shy, she’s just not interested. If you text her and she doesn’t reply until days afterwards, she’s not interested.

If you went for one date and she wouldn’t make out, wouldn’t come back to your place and only replies to your messages sporadically then she’s not interested. If you took her out and she was all over you with her tongue down your throat and her hand on your dick but she didn’t come home with you and she goes silent the next day then she’s not interested.

If she did come home with you, you had great sex, but then she ignores your messages, then she’s no longer fucking interested. If she is interested she will make some overt play that will make it very clear to you. If you are not getting that play then likely it’s you who’s getting played.

Don’t be that strawman who grasps at straws. Recognise that hope is probably the most corrosive emotion of all. Come to understand that is is, and isn’t isn’t. Don’t get caught up in fantasy. This isn’t a fucking Mills & Boon novel, this is is life, this is 2018, this is the sexual market place and it’s fucking tough.

If she likes you she’ll make it fucking obvious. If it’s not obvious, she doesn’t like you. Deal with it and move the fuck on to the next one.

Finally if you want to gain greater insights on the female brain and psychology / behaviour i haighly recommand these books ( They will blow your mind) :

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