Pick Up and Date Girls ONLINE , FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM , And have sex with them.

Do you have a Facebook account?

I’m guessing you do…

How many women do you pick up on Facebook every week then?

I’m guessing… zero.

Most guys I speak to on a daily basis have no idea how to pick up girls on Facebook. They just use it to add fake friends that they met for 2 minutes at a lame party or to perv over their best friends older sister.

Why the hell would you want to be on Facebook if you didn’t want to use it for picking up girls?

You seriously want to connect with old friends and write “Oh dude, it’s been too long we should catch up…” on their wall??

Haha, you make me laugh… deactivate that account right now!

Ok… I’m joking, obviously having a Facebook account isn’t just about chasing tail, it’s important these days to have one for many other things… (promoting a business, your personal brand, connecting with family etc).

But listen dude… you have a tool at your disposal that is so powerful, the C.I.A use it to run background checks on people… girls are willingly giving up information on their profile which you can use to pick them up.

It’s nuts.

In this post, I’m about to teach you the secrets of how to pick up girls on Facebook.

Now this isn’t some fluffy guide with pointless tips that some punk created… these are proven, girl getting techniques given to you in simple steps that you can apply TODAY and start seeing results really damn fast.

Before I get into the good stuff though, let’s first see why you should be spending a little more time pursuing women on Facebook, rather than posting crap on your wall no one will ever read.


  • You can speak to multiple girls at once, without ever getting caught. In the real world, you can only focus on one chick at a time.
  • Once you master the techniques below you can line up a new date (or even multiple dates) every week if you want.
  • You can engineer your life on Facebook. I’m not talking about telling lies, I’m saying that you can social proof the crap out of your account so the hard work is done for you.
  • Women actually approach YOU. That’s right, girls will be adding you as a friend and messaging you when you do this right.


Okay then. Whenever you want to meet girls on Facebook, just follow these steps and you’ll see things unfold like magic.


A no brainer.

Spend a couple of hours per week, adding 5 to 10 girls you think are cute or really hot as a friend. Write an intriguing opening line in the “add message” box that pops up.

If you can’t think of anything funny or intriguing to say, just forget the message and add her as a friend anyway.


Spend 15 minutes skimming through her about page, interests, past wall posts in her timeline and photos. Just get a good understanding of who she is, what she’s about and how she interacts with her friends.

This will give you a better overview of her personality so you can connect with her.


When she posts a new photo, video or status update that you like, comment on it with a funny or positive message. Don’t be negative or too try hard, it will piss her off.

Keep doing this for about 3 weeks, so she becomes familiar with you.


After you’ve posted a few comments and liked her status updates, photos, videos etc, go ahead and message her to get the ball rolling.

Keep it brief, ask her opinion on something, so that she will likely respond. Women just can’t resist offering advice, it’s like breathing for them.


If she responds to every message, it means she like you… so keep it up. Each message should be short and sweet, but you should be trying to connect with her. Try to really understand what she lives for, how she feels, and who she really is. Go with that goal and your conversations will be more interesting and connected.


Never rush meeting with her, it should be at least a month and multiple messages before you should arrange meeting in person. Sometimes even longer, depending how many messages you’ve sent and how responsive she is.

Say to her “Let’s meet for a coffee or a bite to eat next week…” then arrange the time and date with her.

The absolute best way to get her to meet is if you speak to her on the phone. Give her your number (don’t ask for hers) and say “Call me later, so we can meet up for a coffee in town”.

Second best would be texting her or messaging her on Facebook.


Write these down and stick them to your forehead so you don’t forget them.

  • Make sure your photos are up to date – Keep them fresh, like within the last couple of months so it’s not a shock when you meet her. It’s fine to have old ones, but keep them buried.
  • Delete any photos of random girls on their own – If there are any slutty shots of girls in your albums, get rid of them. When another girl looks at this, she will think you’re typical guy and will just delete you.
  • Use social proof – Upload pictures of you and pretty girls hanging out, but safe shots… like you’re in the park chilling with your “girl” friends or on a day out somewhere. This is also known as pre-selection.
  • NEVER cold message a girl… it’s stupid – If you send 100 cold messages you might get one back, but it would be from a nutcase. Women get cold messages all the time and it never works, so don’t be a dumb-ass.
  • Never leave yourself tagged in photos that can harm your cred – People like tagging other people in funny shots, like you throwing up in the gutter after a night out or running threw your garden butt naked. Make sure you’re not tagged in any of these shots.
  • Never say how pretty or hot she is when she posts a “validation” photo – Women love posting shots online so they can get a shot of confidence, don’t give them that satisfaction. Always post a funny comment or don’t post anything at all.
  • Don’t be Mr. funny – Women like funny guys but if you’re always trying to be funny, it can wear thin pretty quickly. So use the funny lines every so often.
  • Don’t ask for the number outright – If you add her as a friend and go straight for the number, it’s just creepy. No rapport means no number.


So that’s how you pick up girls on Facebook dude.

I know that guys will bitch and moan about how long it might take, but get real for a minute… you’re not going to pick up a girl and bang her on the first day right? Exactly, so just chill.

Just follow the steps above, stick to the rules and the rest is easy.

What are some funny and intriguing opening messages you can send a girl? Leave yours in the comments below…

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