How To Stop Women From Flaking On You

Who else hate flakes? GOD I couldn’t stand it!!

You get the courage to walk up to a stunning girl at the Whole Foods…

She’s got sexy yoga pants and a loose crop-top dancing above her incredible chest…

You figure ‘eh, fuck it… Let’s see what happens…’ To your surprise she actually seems to be enjoying the conversation! Wow – she’s attractive but also pretty damn cool!

Within a few minutes, as if by magic, your cell phone appears in her hands… You look in complete awe as she types in her phone number excitedly…

“Great! I’ll text you some time this week” ; “I hope so!” She says with a mischievous smile as she walks away. You try to withhold your excitement and wait the proverbial two days, and then you text her.

But what’s this? You wait…And wait…But no answer.  The hell? What gives??

Cut off Your Flake Rate– By Doing THIS

In order to dramatically cut your flake rate, there is actually just ONE simple thing you need to be doing.Are you ready for it?
Spend time.


Yes, there are a whole lot of factors that influence whether or not someone will take time out of her day to see you again… But I can assure you that simply spending more time with her will handle those accidentally!

For example; in order for her to be excited about you, you both need to share common interests.

So instead of saying “I’ll text you sometime”, a set date like “Let’s try out that new cat Cafe downtown on Thursday at 8 – since we’re both allergic to cats” is way, way better.

But how would you ever find out something so intimate in the first place? By spending more time together right then and there.

I used to make that mistake all the time. I’d gather like 10 phone numbers back to back and get all excited… And then be terribly disappointed when none texted back!

Better to spend a solid 10 minutes with one girl than one minute with 10 different girls.

When you learn to take time, to be real and to connect with her, watch your flake rate drop dramatically. Striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman will become such a normal part of your life, and you will find yourself comfortable and at ease talking to just about anyone, anywhere!



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