How To Seduce Her Immediately With Eye Contact

I’m actually excited to talk about using eye contact for seduction…


The First Time I seduced With Eye Contact

I remember like it was yesterday.

I was having dinner with my friends , There, sitting across from my table was a group of 5 women. 4 were considerably older (dare I say, cougarish?) and getting rowdier by the minute the more the wine flowed.

The 5th was a beautiful green-eyed girl with her strawberry blonde hair tightly tied into a neat ponytail.

It’s worth noting that this was early on in my journey of self-development. I was still quite shy but a determined little bugger if I do say so myself. After carefully evaluating and identifying every single one of my seductive abilities (rather, lack thereof), I began to relentlessly endeavor to change – to grow, to challenge myself.

So I decided to practice holding eye contact with women.

The rules were simple; I was playing a game of ‘let’s see who looks away first’.

As I sat there at dinner with my friends, I locked eyes with the visibly embarrassed blondie across from me. At first she didn’t quite know what to make of it, so she kept looking at me until she looked away.

I tried again a few minutes later. This time a slight smile began to spread on her face – she knew it was game on!

Again, we looked at each other and this time we were both smiling.

Once, after her friends burst out laughing really loud, she looked at me with a smile and rolled her eyes then winked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and winked back in response. We were on the same team now. We had an inside joke. It was me and her against the world.

It was about that time where she did something completely unexpected…

Eye Contact Secrets For Seduction

It has been proven scientifically (look up research by Leil Lowndes) that eye contact is the single biggest determining factor in how attractive you are to the opposite sex.


Understand; eye contact doesn’t help make you more attractive. It is what makes you attractive in the first place.

How to correctly hold eye contact to seduce a woman?

Try this exercise… First, relax deeply.

Pull air down to your stomach, fill it up, as if there’s a hand on your belly and your goal is to gently push it off.

Now hold for a second. Release slowly. Start over.

When you’re nice and relaxed, I want you to imagine that a super hot woman is blowing you. I’m serious – actually feel her mouth on your member. Visualize her head bobbing up and down.

Stand up straight, hone in on that feeling – and then I want you to release it to the world with your breathing.

That means do not try to hide that you are aroused. That means to open your body and relax into that vulnerability.

You got that relaxed/turned on feeling? Good. Now look into a woman’s eyes and voila!

Now go out and have fun with this!

And if you want to get wiser about the evolution of the human desire and sexuality from a biological standpoint , dont miss this book :

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